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Our purpose, as an office removal company is to make your moving experience easier. We are professionals in the field of moving and relocating and are equipped with various personnel with expert knowledge on the subject, equipment to extract and handle just about any item and vehicles to transport your items safely. Being an office removal company, we are fully capable of handling your relocation situation from the planning stage of making check lists and packaging all the way to the unloading and unpacking of your items at your new address.

In order to make your relocating experience an obstacle free smooth operation, we employ many methods and precautions such as making lists of items to make sure that nothing gets left behind, making arrangements to strategically remove items from your home or office building to make sure that your building and items alike are undamaged and proper packaging to ensure the safety of your belongings during the drive. Our employees are all well trained and acknowledged on the best methods of fulfilling these tasks while being capable of improvising according to the situation.

Your co-operation is highly valued at our office removal company as you know best about how to handle which items and we are always attentive to your opinions and requests about what items need extra care as well as special packaging and travel requirements. We are always willing to listen to our clients and take their suggestions, ideas and opinions in to account to create a successful business relationship throughout the course of the entire relocation.

We are fully aware of your busy lifestyle and that dwelling on relocation issues could slow you down and make adjusting to your new location a bit of a challenge. Therefore, rather than adding to your work load with an arduous registration process we have devised a quick and easy method of arranging our services with your convenience in mind. It is important to keep in mind that a well established, quality removal company will be able to pull through just about any challenge offered by any moving situation.


Plan for your house move with packaging materials from Commercial Relocation Services Ltd. From double wall surface boxes, bubble wrap, bespoke cases and dog crates for your beneficial ownerships; we have everything..

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Our Removal Vehicles

  • 3.5 Tonne
  • Capacity: 550cft-750cft / 15.5cbm-21.25cbm
  • Length: 22ft / 6.7m

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